Auxiliary Solar Panel


Part number: 901055

Sol-Lux Auxiliary Solar Panel

Awning position and the sun

When is an auxiliary solar panel needed?

The solar panel located on the top right of the awning is used to charge the EOS battery and provides light level sensing for the autonomous functions (auto extend and retract). If the awning is mounted in a shaded area, such as directly under an eve, the solar panel functions will be diminished and may not provide adequate battery charging. For these cases, an auxiliary solar panel should be purchased and installed in an area receiving direct sunlight as close to the window being shaded to increase sun level sensitivity and provide proper battery charging. The auxiliary solar panel can be installed during the original awning installation or can be added after awning installation if needed.

Installation notes:

  • You should position the auxiliary solar panel in a spot that will receive a minimum of 1 hour of direct sunlight per day in sunny conditions.
  • The panel may be oriented vertically or horizontally
  • Do not place the panel directly under the awning's shadow
  • After installing the auxiliary solar panel, the panel integrated in the awning is no longer used.