Your SOL-LUX shade product is custom made-to-order, thus we are unable to accept return of any completed product. However, we do accept order changes or cancellations within 72 hours of order submission.

Please note that fabric and cassette color swatches are also non-returnable nor refundable.

To change your order:

SOL-LUX products are designed and made to order especially for you and may only be cancelled or changed within 72 hours of order submission.

To change an order email us at [email protected]. Please reference your order number, the modification requested and a contact phone number.

Order Cancellations

Occasionally, orders may be cancelled by SOL-LUX for various reasons which may include:

Item(s) not available
Unable to process your payment
Unable to ship to the address provided
Incomplete order

If your order is cancelled by SOL-LUX, you will receive an email explaining the reason for the cancellation. You will not be billed for any cancelled items.

Need Help?

Please contact us by email at [email protected] or call us at 833-276-5589 and we will be happy to assist you.



Please allow 4 - 6 weeks to process your order prior to shipping.


STANDARD DELIVERY: Standard delivery may take 16 - 20 business days (includes processing)
EXPRESS DELIVERY: Express delivery is not available at this time
Orders will not deliver on weekends or holidays


Sol-Lux collects and remits sales tax for orders shipping to Colorado and/or Indiana. Sales tax is based on the location of the shipping address.


Orders more than 7lbs but less than 150lbs and less than 8' in length will ship via UPS Ground or FedEx.
Expedited shipping is not offered at this time.
Orders over 150lbs and/or 8' in length or more will ship via freight truck by a specialty carrier. The carrier will contact you via phone to arrange a delivery day and window.
When a delivery arrives, you must inspect all packages immediately. Do not sign anything before you make the inspection. Carefully look at every box. If there is a slight tear in the tube or box or you suspect damages inside, ask the driver to open it and inspect that box thoroughly. Make sure the contents are in perfect condition. If there is any damage small or large, please record it on the driver's ticket before you sign for it. For example you can write: "Damaged-Kept, Claim Pending or ____ Package(s) Short". That way if there is damage or a shortage a claim can be filed at a later date (within 48 hours). If you sign clear with no notation of damage, SOL-LUX cannot be held responsible
If damage is found please contact us immediately at [email protected] or 833-276-5589 to report the damage and work with a SOL-LUX representative to determine the best course of action to resolve.
If you or your representative sign for a shipment and do not record any damage, the item is yours and the shipping company may not reimburse you for damages discovered later. Please, be very careful to inspect before you sign for your shipment. If you sign clear with no notation of damage SOL-LUX cannot be held responsible.
If the damage is extensive or looks like it's beyond repair, it's best to simply reject the entire shipment altogether. Please tell the driver you will not accept the packages in this condition and he/she must return them to SOL-LUX. Then please contact us immediately at [email protected] or 833-276-5589 so we can replace the items.
If a package is received and signed for with no visible damage to the packaging, but the product has concealed or hidden damage, the original packaging must be saved and photos available. Without the original undamaged shipping container and packaging SOL-LUX cannot be held responsible. If hidden damage is suffered, and the original undamaged packaging is available, please contact us within 48 hours to report at [email protected] or 833-276-5589, so we may work with you to arrange for repair or replacement of the item(s).

Need Help?

Please contact us by email at [email protected] or call us at 833-276-5589 we will be happy to assist you.


Once you have configured your customized SOL-LUX shade and you are ready to complete your purchase, simply go to the Shopping Cart & Checkout and follow these steps to place your order:

Billing and Shipping

Enter the address where you would like your order shipped.

If your credit card billing information is the same as the address your order is shipping to the billing address will automatically populate. If the billing address is different than the shipping address indicated, please uncheck the box and fill in the credit card billing information as it appears on your credit card statement. Your credit card cannot be accepted without the appropriate billing address and telephone number.

An e-mail address is required. The email address entered will be the email that all order and shipment confirmations will be sent to.

Shipping & Payment Information

Enter your credit card information. Your credit card cannot be accepted without all the required information.

We do not accept C.O.D., Check or Cash payments.

From the options provided, select from the shipping method(s) that are available for the item(s) you wish to purchase. Factory pickup is not available.

Final Review & Submit Order

After you complete the checkout process, and click on Review, the Final Review Page will confirm all the details of the order you have placed. Once you have reviewed for accuracy and are ready to proceed select Submit Order.

Once you submit the order you will be provided with an order reference number. We recommend that you save or print this Order Confirmation page for your records as it may be needed for order reference.

Order and Shipment Confirmations

You will receive an order confirmation via email which will reference your order number - you can use this to track your order.

Once your items have been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation via email with the shipping details of the items sent along with the tracking number(s). Please note that if you order more than one item, it is possible that different items ship in different boxes and may arrive on different days.

Payment Methods

We accept the following for order payment: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover cards.

We cannot accept the following as forms of payment; checks, money order, wire transfer, cash or C.O.D.