Welcoming Sol-Lux into your home is easy


Color Samples

Choose the colors that look like they most closely fit with your home - We'll send you samples so you can be sure. Don't worry, the cost of the samples will be applied to the cost of your awning when you order.



Do your windows have trim around them? This will determine how to properly measure the width of your awning. Use our "How to Measure" instructions to ensure you are getting the right measurement. This measurement is crucial! Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.


Order Awning

After you've received your color samples, confirmed your colors, and double checked your measurements, enter the details of your custom Eos awning on our customize page. Remember these selections are final.


Install & Enjoy

After placing your order, your beautiful Eos awning will arrive in about 4 weeks. Follow our simple installation instructions and enjoy! Your Eos awning comes ready to use out of the box with our factory default settings. Be sure to check out and use our Sol-Lux mobile app to take advantage of your smart awning.

Design and Install Yourself

The Eos awning was designed to be easy to customize, easy to order, and easy to install. If you're the DIY (Do It Yourself) type, visit the Customize page to order your sample color swatches and access the "How to Measure" instructions. Once you've determined the proper awning width and chosen your colors, come back and place your order online. We'll build your awning to your specifications and ship it to your door for your installation and years of enjoyment.

Get Started
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Sol-Lux has a network of certified dealers who are pleased to assist you with selecting colors that perfectly match your home, ensure proper awning measurements, and provide full installation services.

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